Lifetime Purchase Options

Hey RaiDrive Team.

Comparing your product to a competitor who offers a lifetime purchase option. I can say for a comparable lifetime price, I’d purchase RaiDrive hands down right now. I don’t buy into subscription models for software functionality.

Understanding new development also costs money, I’d encourage you to offer a one-time pricing model for the current major release version (that includes access to all networks) and provide purchasers a discount (40-50%) on major versions released in the future.

As for me, while I believe the competitor’s product is inferior to RaiDrive, I’m sort of being forced that way because of this pricing model.

Just my $0.02, take it or leave it. Also really appreciate your great work on your product.


i agree with him…

+1 I’d also prefer a Lifetime Licence

+1 too I would love lifetime license