License question

I am trying to figure out the licensing regarding the Pro version.

Our company has 8 employees, all accessing the same drive (onedrive business) which is mounted on their pc.

When out of the office and they are using their laptop to access again the same onedrive, is this counting as an extra license?

If yes then they would need 16 licenses, as they all have laptops for use when travelling.

Could you let me know how this is handled?


Hi~ @mail ,

The license is the number of RaiDrive concurrent logins, not the number of drive connections. If you have 8 licenses, you are using on 8 devices. When you log in on the 9th device, the first device you log in to out of 8 devices will log out. For smooth internal/external use, we recommend that you subscribe to one or two additional licenses at a leisurely pace.