Laccd Onedrive Fail

I am asking you for a help.

The problem is this:

I was using the program RaiDrive to connect LACCD One drive to my computer as an additional hard drive. This program worked perfectly until last wee. Approximately 5-7 days ago it stops working and give me the attached message. I want to inform you that I was trying to clean my computer from all traces of old installation of this program. and made a new installation but it did help.

Please look at the attached message.

Maybe you can help me.

Thank you very much.
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AADSTS7000112: Application ‘ddaa8bOO-7a73-4cdf-813c-
fe042130fb9e’ (RaiDrive) is disabled.
Request ld: efdfccf8-8962-4abg b83b-8c88ca863500
correlation ld: 5143e5e4-gf56-4774-a73e
Message: AADSTS7000112: Application •ddaa8boo-7e73-4cdf-813c-fe042130fbge’(ReiDrive) is
Advanced diagnostics: Enable
Ian an getting support for an issue, turn this on and try to reproduce the error. This will
collect additiona I
I hel troubleshoot the issue.

Hi~ @ax515,

Your Active Directory administrator might disable RaiDrive application in Active Directory admin center. You had better ask whether Enabled for users to sign-in? setting is. If “No”, then you need to ask for an administrator to change to “Yes”.