Issue with s3 storage

Hello. I’m using Raidrive to connect with AWS S3 Storage in W10 Pro X64.
I’m having this issue when i try to modify a file into the bucket with notepad++:

1 - 1 when click on save file
2 - inmediatly after clicking to save says: 2 and 3
3 - if i click yes, the file reloads as empty:

4 - If i want to see my file again, i need to disconect raidrive, reconnect again

The only way to modify the file is downloading to the desktop, modifying it and reuploading to the bucket.

Hi~ @Eudaldo_Perez ,

We have confirmed the issue you are talking about.
It was caused by the special storage method of Notepad++.
We will release a version that corrects this issue as soon as possible.
Thanks for reporting the issue.