Interesting transfer rates

I find it odd how transferring multiple files sometimes fails or just takes hours/days because it says at 5-50kb/s while transferring one file it goes to 1-2mb/s when I compare it to normally uploading via I hit atleast 5-10mb/s that is a big difference already.
But this was already mentioned in this topic aswell.

Hi~ @LordDamionDevil,

We replied on the topic. You can check your log files if you are under a similar or same situation. If not, please send log files(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) to

I have just checked the log files and they all don’t show any issues no Forbidden/Quota Limit reached etc after trying again on the new version it goes to 1mb/s and then down to 150kb/s sometimes. I have included a GIF showing what happens on this reply.

Thank you for the clean animated GIF. :+1:

Task Manager shows the network transfer rate through the internet while File Explorer does the disk I/O rate. I/O rate is relative with(based on or depends on) the network.

  2. Click Performance tab
  3. Choose WiFi or Ethernet (depends on your system)

Could you share again?

I have just checked it and yeah it seems to be fine as it is tranferring at 9mbit/s to 10mbit/s

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