Google Drive - Moving and deleting files

Why does moving files between folders / shared drives, as well as deleting files take a long time? File Explorer shows the operation speed as anywhere between 0.5-1x speed, which means if I wanted to move 300 files, I’d have to wait around 5 minutes. In comparison, Google’s File Stream does these operations close to instaneously. I would appreciate it very much if this could be looked into.

Hi~ @PaulZ,

Can you send a log file by :email: email( to check for errors?

  • Log : C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

If you send us a log file, we will review the error and reply again.

Hi~ @PaulZ,

Due to the characteristics of the file system, it can be slow because it is checked individually and then moved and checked again, and Google File Stream can be fast because it directly controls files.

Hi~ @PaulZ,

We’ve reviewed log files and report more.
Your log said the following message on downloading from Google Team Drive.

“domain”: “global”,
“reason”: “downloadQuotaExceeded”,
“message”: “The download quota for this file has been exceeded.”

This means that the same file was downloaded so many times during some interval (Google does limit the count of download (QUOTA)).:thinking:

Nevertheless, RaiDrive continually attempts to download, resulting in slowing down.