Install error, rolled back

RaiDrive_Install_Error.LOG.txt (534.7 KB)
Failed to install RaiDrive, attached install log

Hi~ @Ali_Geyik,

Your log file says that the device driver for RaiDrive failed to install.
Could you verify whether an application (like vaccine or defender) prohibit from install?

Additionally we will enhance the installation log to research why this happen.

control.log.txt (851.7 KB)
I have Symantec Endpoint Protection v14.2.1031.0100 installed (managed) , I have defined “RaiDrive_1.6.4.518.exe” as an exeption where ever possible. Attached Control.log from Symantec for you to check, this was the only file containing case-insensitive string “raidrive”
Thanks in advance

Software_ALIGEYIK.csv.txt (36.7 KB)
Also attached installed software list

we are not good at Symantec Endpoint Protection but let you know what RaiDrive installs.

  1. Copy device driver into C:\Windows\System32\drives.
  2. Create key into Registry.
  3. Create a firewall rule.
  4. Microsoft Installer executes custom action dll.

(hint from :smile:

I also can not install RaiDrive in Windows 10, the installation stops and it gives me this log.
MSI5B34.tmp.LOG.txt (525.7 KB)

@reychango, Visual C++ Redistributable seems to be missing.

Could you try to (re)install?

Thank you.

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