iCloud Photos, please

Great product, happy pro subscriber here.
One often often overlooked area in cloud integration software is iCloud and especially iCloud Photos.
I’m in desperate need for better navigation and control of several iCloud Photos accounts encompassing 600GB of photos/videos and tens of thousands of objects. What RaiDrive does for my Google Team accounts would be absolutely perfect for what I want to accomplish with iCloud Photos.
Please add iCloud Photos support. I would be willing to pay for that functionality as an addon cost for the base RaiDrive.
Note that I use CopyTrans to handle some features I need, but it is severely limited in its control capabilities and does not even support upload.

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Hi~ @colin.shamrock,

Thanks a lot for choosing RaiDrive and your encouragement. :smiley:
For now Apple does not support open API to the 3rd party on the Windows platform.

But we know that many users hope iCloud to be added to RaiDrive.
We really hope that this feature would be announced in the future version. :confetti_ball: