I purchase 2 of pro licennse but one of them is being demote to standard

I purchase 2 of pro license but one of them are being demote to standard. Why one of my license is being demote to standard. I did not do anything or configure lately. Just use as google drive as my internal drive. It just happen today.

The other one is working fine.Screenshot_90

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Hi~ @Nuthapol_Wongrat,

Thanks a lot for your subscription.

One free session has been added to your subscription while researching for the reason. We will check if there is an issue with the session management system and then feedback to you.

it happen on itself without notice. when it happen, I have to sign out and re-login several times.

This is what happen just today

free session did not work, still got the problem.

@Nuthapol_Wongrat, your screenshot has something weird.


Could you try again after adjusting the system time to the official NOW?

2563 is equal to 2020. It is Buddhist calendar.

Buddhist calendar 2563 = AD 2020

Right now I can not use the 2nd computer that install raidrive. It keep changing to standard version.

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I have the same problem. I bought two licenses so that I can run the software on two PCs out of three (maximum two PCs are on at the same time). But one of the three always kicks out the other PC. I have already reinstalled the software on all PCs and also got the additional license because of Covid-19, but even with the 2+1 licenses this happens.

PS: The text was translated from German with the help of Deepl.com

Hi ~ @Nuthapol_Wongrat, @Janis_Monitz,

This issue was fixed in service servers.
We hope that your inconvenience is resolved.

If you have any trouble, please let us know.