I pay and the pro no is activate

Hello to all.

I just buy the pro version. I add a onedrive server, and is impossible add like a local drive. Even appears the symbol of $, like im a free version, but is pay for one year.

Is normal this ? Thanks

Hi~ @Crk_Peter,

Thanks a lot for your subscription.

If you mean about a “local drive” like the following screenshot,


you need an addon “Local Disk”.

Thanks friends! I do that now.

Only one question, what for me is important. How i activate the upload in the background, and no " in the fly ". My upload no is a lot of speed, and i use my old software what copy to the remote folder in one momment, and later, him upload in the background.

Thanks !

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Unfortunately RaiDrive has no plan to support transferring background.

We hope for RaiDrive to focus on the storage own features, and think that other utilities for copying purposes might be more useful than RaiDrive.