I can't use RaiDrive

Suddenly I couldn’t connect to RaiDrive server, then I updated Rai to the latest version, since then I can’t use RaiDrive, you can see attached image
Pls Support me!

I have exactly the same problem just installed the latest version and it will not allow me to log in

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It’s a completely black interface, and it locks everything and can’t do anything

Todas as unidade desativadas.
Não ocorre o login no Raidrive

All units disabled.
Raidrive login does not occur


Same here


Same here, on multiple work accounts. What the hell is going on?

me pasa lo mismo, alguien encuentra solución?

what‘s up, same here, blacked out.

We are having the same issue as well, we were on RaiDrive version .6.56 then after uninstall reboot and install to the latest version we are still continuing to have this issue.

We have done the install of recent verision from raidrives site, then uninstall, and reinstall. Still greyed out. However we mapped the drives by hand for an onsite instance and works but shows the raidrive icons, I’m assuming some sort of cache? Either way blacked out for the software.

Same problem here. Can`t connect to my shared google drives. We have the paid version of RaiDrive

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Same here. I can’t connect to my SFTP.

this is my log:
2022-09-02 08:07:23.441 [ERROR] Get Standard License Exception : {“WinErrorCode”:12,“NotifyErrorCode”:37,“RaiException”:"{“Where”:0,“ErrorType”:3,“Url”:“https://api.raidrive.com/guest/subscription",“Message”:"504 Gateway Time-out”}"}
2022-09-02 08:07:23.442 [ERROR] DRIVEMAN : Client Register : Get License Error : {“WinErrorCode”:12,“NotifyErrorCode”:37,“RaiException”:"{“Where”:0,“ErrorType”:3,“Url”:“https://api.raidrive.com/guest/subscription",“Message”:"504 Gateway Time-out”}"}

recovered now… linked to nas

It is working now. I can access to google drive shared drives.

I got that issue today, howdid you guys fix it? Please help, thank you.

Hi, I have the same problem. What was the solution? I reinstalled different versions, but it is still gray.
Thank you for every advice!