I am getting "The disk is write protected" on MEGA accounts and i can't rename from explorer

Hi, I have a problem where I can’t rename the files in my MEGA accounts using RaiDrive. I have the Professional Edition subscription and I have the “read only” option disabled.
The last time I used it a few months ago I had no problem renaming files from windows explorer.
I would appreciate a solution as I subscribed mainly to be able to rename files in MEGA in bulk with Windows Explorer.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi~ @Ninjin_Sama,

Could you send log files to support@raidrive.com?

  • C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

Thank you for your prompt response.
Sorry but I can’t find the LOG file in the program directory.
These are the files I can find inside the folder.

Please just enter C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log into the Path of File Explorer.

Done. I have already sent you the LOG folder files to the mentioned email.

Your log says that a file may be:

  • shortcut file
  • readonly file

These types of files cannot be renamed.
Could you please clarify what the file format is?

I’m trying to rename Mkv, Mp4 video files and it won’t even let me rename the folders. All this from my MEGA accounts.
Previously a few months ago I used this program with these same accounts to rename files and never had any problems.

Could you Add a new drive for MEGA with a same account?
And then please rename again.

I have added a new folder to the same MEGA account and it does allow me to rename the folder.
How can I rename the previously uploaded files?

You should add a new DRIVE.
And then please try to rename the previous upload files.

I have moved the video files I want to rename to the newly created folder and it doesnt allow me to rename them.
Is there any way to use an older version where the program doesnt have this problem?

Also I can’t move the files to a new folder as I share it with many people and I would have to resend all the invitations one by one again.

Aftre adding a new drive you can change drive letter what you want.

3 of the 4 accounts already allow me to rename files but there is one where I can’t do it even if I add new Drives with the same MEGA account.

A shared folder or file have to the Full access permition to be renamed.

I own the folder. It isn’t a folder shared by another user.

Thanks you for your testing.

We will send a first package which has enhanced logging, and then send a patched package by email very soon.

The new version of the program works perfectly. I no longer have any problem modifying the file names in all my accounts.
Thank you very much!

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