How to connect to a NAS with ssh tunnel?

In my laboratory, we have a HPC cluster and I want to connect local PC to the HPC cluster via raidrive. But I found that there is a ssh tunnel between my local PC and the remote HPC cluster. If I use WinSCP I can successfully connect to HPC because WinSCP has a “ssh tunnel” option. But I donot know how to achieve it by raidrive? Can anyone help me?


You can connect to it by port-forwarding via SSH tunnel in another process (e.g. command prompt).
For example, when ssh -L portB:remoteB:portC -p portA -i id_path userA@remoteA is running, from local (RaiDrive)
localhost:portC will be tunneled through remoteA to remoteB:portB.

However, I too would really like to see this feature built into RaiDrive.