How to cancel acces to nework disk

Hi to all,
I’m using Raidrive to remote connect to Webdav folder (QNAP NAS). No issue with this.
The webdav folder is shared beetwin 3 users. How block access to every data present on this webdav folder to one user (when he will not be anaylmore a memeber of the team) ? No more acces to data which seems to be continuesly accessible on the RaiDrive drive (even after having locked his account in Webdav Server)

I think you need to provide, an access with an account/profile before, and make sure you can’t access the server without it asking for an account…

in this case I think you might need to delete the access for this person… OR make accounts for people individually and force the server to ask for log-in when connecting. I think this way this person won’t be able to access the server anymore.

Hi Shad,
Thanks for your answer. In fact, Wabdav Folder need already an account. My issue is the fact that Raidrive seems to synchronize data with a local folder… which allow acces whithout being on line. That’s what I do not want. I need that everybody must authenticate themselve, before being able to access to any data.

Hi~ @Patrick_Hervier,

RaiDrive does not sync files to local folders.
If you remove the access rights of an account that is not a member of the team, you will no longer be able to access the files because the storage connection is no longer available.