How to access "Google Drive > Computers"

How do I access “Google Drive > Computers?” I can only access “Google Drive > My Drive.”

For example, I want to access “Google Drive > Computers > Fujitsu > Shimada > $my_Apps_Data” I can access directly via Chrome browser, “Google Drive” ( How do I access via RaiDrive?

By the way, I am using RaiDrive Professional Edition from my PC, Chrome browser (Version 79.0.3945.79, Official Build, 64-bit) with RaiDrive Add-ons: (1)Local Disk and (2)Google Cloud Storage.


Hi~ @Paul_Y_Shimada,

For now RaiDrive does not support Google Drive Computers.
But we have a plan to do and will announce in the future version.

Thanks a lot for your cool suggestion. :+1:

+1 for this feature!!

Looking forward to this!!

Thank you.

Hi~ @Sarun, @Paul_Y_Shimada,

From version 2020.2.2 RaiDrive supports Computers at the Professional subscription as @Paul_Y_Shimada suggested.


Wow, wonderful. It’s working GREAT! Thank you :slight_smile: