How do I subscribe to a new addon in the middle of a 1 year subscription?

Currently, I am halfway through my 1-year professional subscription and I want to add a new writable add-on. When I try to change the subscription, the cost doesn’t look right to me. Shouldn’t I just need to pay the price of the add-on itself, minus the days I haven’t used ?(Just pay the 161 Days left for my 1-year plan).

Based on the screenshot, it looks like I have to pay for the Professional plan along with the add-on again for the remaining 161 days, is that an error?


Hi~ @whenrulesturnloose ,

When you add an add-on, your subscription starts anew.
If the payment amount is too small, a situation may arise where the payment cannot be made, so you will inevitably have to restart the subscription.
That’s why you’ll pay the price of a one-year subscription minus the number of days remaining.

Thanks for the reply!

If I pay the price of a one-year plan minus the days remaining, do I get a refund for my old subscription that I haven’t finished?


Credits applied, as shown in the screenshot above, refers to the remaining amount of a old subscription.

Does that mean if I add add-on now, my billing cycle would be changed to Oct 2024?

You’re right, your next billing date will be October 2024.

I understand now, thanks :slight_smile:

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