How did you guys do it?

Dear @RaiDrive dev’s,

I (as an IT nerd) like to know stuff about the software, and how you programmed things the way they are in your software.

Before i used this software, i mapped a WebDAV server via Windows Explorer.
All was good and quickly done, except for 1 thing: Larger file transfers!
I tried to increase the ‘FileSizeLimitInBytes’ in the registry, but that allows only up to 4GB since that is the maximum value supported by Windows OS.

How on earth did you guys make it possible to transfer larger files via WebDAV and thus override the maximum value supported by Windows?
Another registry cap?

I hope you guys could provide me with an answer, just because i can’t stand the fact that i spent time configuring WebDAV without succes (which gets on my nerves :slight_smile: )

Kind regards,

Tim de Ruiter

I Love this software! It’s a masterpiece in multiple ways!