High CPU usage without open files

I did it! Last week I made the step to contribute to this great tool RaiDrive. Updating my loved 2018 versions to the newest one.

I had kept the 2018 in before because the first 2019 version (I think) was giving me troubles with a big CPU usage. I was certain that was solved in 2024. But it is not. I don’t care about the the money but this tool is crucial to my business. And if it was not then it is still very frustrating.

I have seen topics on the forrum on this issue but no solution? Something has have to been changed after one of the latest 2018 versions.

Is my laptop to old? It is from 2021. That can’t be the issue. I would hit myself when the new laptop I am going to order will have the same issue.

While the process list is completely empty RaiDrive is working like crazy.
Even with my antivirus software disabled.

Any suggestions?



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Hi @Mark_Ruiter,

Thank you for the detailed explanation.
Could you send the log files to support@raidrive.com?

  • C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

Looking forward to a solution so I can keep using this great software :slight_smile:

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@Mark_Ruiter, Could send a memory dump file of RaiDrive.Service.x64.exe to support@raidrive.com when CPU usage is hight?


Yes, I saved one this weekend.
Thank you for looking into this.

Thank you for your dump file.

If RayDrive’s CPU usage is still high, first uninstall the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable package and then reinstall it.

If the same issue persists after reinstallation, we will prepare a new patch with enhanced logs.

Fantastic that you were able to give me such detailed instruction to try to solve the issue. I will keep you updated.

I have 2 versions running, do you know which one? Or both?

Please remove all packages (14.38.33130, 14.34.31938) and then reinstall 14.38.33130

Unfortunately this solution did not solve my issue.
Any other suggestions are much appreciated.

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