Google "Shared with Me" Issue copying LARGE file

Hello. I had no issues in copying multiple 50+GB files to my Google Team Drive.

When I try to copy the same files (even one by one) to an unlimited “Google Shared Folder”, an error comes up (403) and does not let me copy any of them (yes, I do have permissions).

Smaller files DO work. Seems like there is a size limit for uploading to “google shared with me” folder withing RaiDrive.

I am using a VPS Server with Windows 2012 R2. The cache folder is not an issue, since its set to the disk D and has plenty of size.

I actually activated my trial version in order to mount the drive as local and to be able to write to a shared drive (since its a paid feature).

Hopefully you can help me out to figure out whats up.

Thank you.

LOG.txt (6.5 KB)

This is the part of the log where the error is.

It looks like the drive size is not large enough, but its unlimited size.

The thing is I have no problem to upload any file to Team Drive, but I do have problems uploading to “Shared with me”.


Hi~ @Gabriel_Rodriguez_Za,

“Shared with me” means that an owner is not your account.
Could you check the owner’s storage available space?

As stated above, “Shared with me” are drives that are owned by other people. Its possible the person that is sharing the drive with you does not have unlimited storage.

Team drives (aka Shared drives now) are actually listed above that. Try uploading your files to a shared drive instead, as they have unlimited space.


Also, make sure in your settings of Raidrive, where you create your drive, that you are selecting the Business tab, and then selecting Google Shared Drives.


Google does have “hard limits” on both Shared drives and My drive. For instance you are only allowed 750GB upload bandwidth a day. Shared drives have a file limit of 400,000 files.

Check out the link below for more information.

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I confirmed with the owner that the avaliable space is unlimited.

I was able to successfully upload to his account over 500gb of files (4-7gb average per file) without any issues.

The issue is uploading a very large file.

I very well understand the difference between a team drive and a “shared with me” folder. This is a “shared with me” folder (to answer the comment down below).

Is there a chance “someone” could upload from a normal (not upgraded) gmail account a single file 60+GB large to a “shared with me” folder using RaiDrive to confirm this issue?

In our lab, it works fine to upload a single file with 60 GB size into “Shared with me”. We could not find out the official document about the limitation of “Shared with me” in Google.

But “Upload files and folders to Google Drive” document says,

Note: You can upload up to 750GB a day per account.

I will try again once more and get back to you.