Google Photos - can't open or copy files any more

After I initially set up RaiDrive to access my Google Photos, it worked great. I was able to view and copy files to my local hard drive. After a few hours I am no longer able copy or view any files from Google Photos. I checked my Google account settings and RaiDrive still has 3rd party app access – basic account information + additional access to my Google Photos library. When I try to open a file on Google Photos my photo viewer reports “It looks like you don’t have permission to view this file. Check permissions and try again.” When I attempt to copy a file (by dragging and dropping in Windows File Explorer) I get an error “File Access Denied. You require permission from S-1–1-0 to make changes to this file.”

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Hi~ @Joe_H,

Thanks a lot for your report.

Actually Google Photos API has a quota limit by Google.
These days this is limited sometimes, so we’ve requested increasing the quota to Google Photos team.
It will take some days and they said to reply back shortly. :sweat_smile:

Any update on this issue? I was excited to find out about RaiDrive to backup my 2019 photos from Google Photos and it works amazingly, but I just got the same issue. The site you mentioned says

The quota limit for requests to the Library API is 10,000 requests per project per day.

The quota limit for requests to access media bytes is 75,000 requests per project per day.

I’m trying to copy 3,750 photos to my desktop and while it copied quite a bit, it hit that error message mentioned roughly halfway through and I don’t know why. Any way I can bypass the error message or get it to continue copying without having to start over or figure out what is missing and what isn’t and go from there?


RaiDrive’s quota limit was extended by Google Photos Team.
But as you know, it’s unclear that what is your number of request per day. (means that nobody knows except Google)

If you backup Google Photos to local disk, we recommend using a professional tools like GoodSync.

We have a plan to reduce the request calls in the future version.

Can I download all my photos and videos from Google Photos and copy them in another hard disk?


@Jordi, Sure.

But please be careful about the resolution and the lack of location.