Google Drive The user's Drive storage quota has been exceeded - Upload failed

I have 5TB limit for my google drive and I still have a lot of space in there.
I received “The user’s Drive storage quota has been exceeded” in RaiDrive log.

Please help.

Hi~ @jtanadi ,

The error “The user’s Drive storage quota has been exceeded” sometimes appears due to insufficient drive capacity, but can also be caused by the full capacity of your Account.
Please clean up unnecessary data from all services used by the account, such as Recycle Bin or Mail.


I have more than 4TB free out of that 5TB in my google drive account.
I tried to reconnect the drive, re login raidrive but nothing works.

I tried to clean up the recycle bin, etc as per your recommendation and I still have the same issue.
I send the logs to
Please have a look.

@RaiDrive hi please have a look at my reply previously

Hi~ @jtanadi ,

When connected with Shared With Me or Shared Link, it may be due to the capacity of the shared user.
If it’s from My Drive, this error could be a Google issue.
Please check the capacity by referring to the link below.

It is a shared with me/shared link. May I know what is the capacity of the shared user?
And what is the solution to avoid this? as I can ensure that there is at least 4TB free of space in the account.