FTP Server - Authorization or authentication failed

I am no longer able to connect to the FTP server. The connection stopped working with authorization or authentication failure. All access data is correct, as I can connect normally via FileZilla. I really don’t understand what happened …

Hi~ @kdantas,

Have you set up ftps in the FTP server? If you are using FTP, you can connect via FTP by unchecking the check box next to the address like the attached picture.
If the issue persists, capture the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab Inc\RaiDrive\log) when the issue occurs and the Site Manager screen when connecting to Filezilla, and send it via e-mail(support@raidrive.com), it will help to confirm the issue.

SeedMonster RaiDrive Working

Firstly, thanks for reply. I did not make any changes to the program setup, and the FTPS connection returned to working normally. As for your tip to uncheck the check box, I did it, but a message appears stating that on a non-anonymous connection, I would need to use ftps (encrypted connection). But once, I don’t understand what may have caused the connection error. Anyway, it’s normal now.