Ftp directory empty

Hello, I have mount a disk ftp with raidrive but the directory is empty. Why please ?

Hi~ @Web_Maestro ,

We need a log file to check the issue you mentioned. Please send the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) by e-mail(support@raidrive.com) and We will tell you again after checking.

Hi~ @Web_Maestro ,

According to the log, the FTP server returned a 426 Data channel closed error.
It is difficult to determine the cause of this error because it is a forwarded error from the FTP server.
Considering the cause,

  1. It may be a problem with the FTP server.
  2. The FTP server may have limited the number of FTP connections that can be accessed simultaneously.
  3. FTP uses multiple data ports. There may not be enough Data Ports. Please contact your network administrator.

First of all, try using FTP, or SFTP instead of FTPS.

If you tell us the IP/Port and account information that can be tested by connecting to the FTP server, we will test it.