Fille Manager Refresh rate seems not to work....? (Update storage changes asynchronously)

I’m using Raidrive for syncing txt files. Unfortunately Windows File Manager does not refresh.
In my scenario, as soon as a file is synced a workflow should start… but it doesn’t start until I open the drive (folder) by myself…

Hi~ @zuselli84,

We recommend checking the Update storage changes asynchronously option.

Thanks for reply.
I already activated this option.
In the beginning it worked, but now it doesn’t.

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What’s your storage type (WebDAV, Google Drive or else)?

It‘s a FTP storage Server type

We hope to reproduce your issue.
Could you send log files, FTP server version and product name to

  • C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

@zuselli84, thanks a lot for providing log files.

We confused Windows File Manager with Windows File Explorer.

RaiDrive supports the asychronous refresh on Windows File Explorer.
Unforunately, the other applications have to refresh manually like pressing F5 key.

Hi, but I‘m using Windows Explorer… not a file manager app…

You’re right. It’s regualar operation.
The FTP server does not notify changes to RaiDrive, so it will only become aware of remote changes after opening the parent folder.

Nope, it should refresh even the directory is not opened…
It worked, but no it doesn’t work.
The “Update storage changes asynchronously” has no impact anymore!

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