Extremely Slow upload/download speeds ... 1 kbs

I am only using Raidrive with google drives so I am not sure if this issue is universal or only related to google drives.

In essence, Raidrive is useless to me because, though it allows me to map my google drives to a local drive letter, if I copy files to the drive or down from the drive I usually get speeds below 1kb/sec. Often as low as 40 bytes/sec.

Any ideas or is this just how it works?

Hi~ @Clay_Davidson,

Right, that’s so slow to use comfortably. It may be abnormal.
Could you email log files under “C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log” folder to support@raidrive.com or attach here?

Sorry for the delay. I am a teacher and school just started.
Your site will not allow me, as a new user, to upload any files.

I tried pasting the logs but your site limits me to 32K of text.
Tried snipping much of the code and was told I could only have two links (not sure why that error came up)

Ergo, I am attaching nothing. Will try emailing them. If that does not work, then I will need some other option.

clay davidson

I emailed the log files but have yet to hear back from anyone.
Please advise what to do next.

Hi~ @Clay_Davidson,

Sorry for the late reply.:cry:
We are confirming what you said. We will tell you again after the confirmation.

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Thanks. I did not know if anyone was working it or if it had gone into the bit bucket.
I understand if it takes a while to figure out. Take your time. Ask me anything you want and I will reply when I have the opportunity as well.


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Hi~ @Clay_Davidson,

We looked at the log you sent, and sometimes the internet connection seems unstable.
Is it slow even if I upload one file?
If you copy many files at once, they will be displayed slowly in the explorer progress window regardless of the actual transfer speed because each file performs a different procedure.
We recommend upgrading to 1.8.0 first.
If you’re uploading a lot of files, I’d recommend using the copy / move feature in the settings in version 1.8.0.

The logs may indicate a network issue but I find it difficult to believe that I am having network problems at home, at school via a direct lan connection, and also at school via a wireless connection.

I switched my google drive to use google file stream and stopped using raidrive. I like the idea of your software but it has been unusable for me when accessing any data over a few meg in size on an occasional basis. For me to keep my data on google drives and work with it from my local machine(s), the latency is too much and the throughput is not enough.

Appreciate your effort though. Thanks for your time too.

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Thanks a lot for your kind explanation and encouragement.

We will keep researching to enhance the performance based on your report and logs.
It will be so meaningful to all of us. Greatly appreciate your interests. :bowing_man::bowing_woman: