Essential Version is Un-Registering

Hello, we have three RaiDrive licenses, two under the old format called Professional, and a third bought later that is under a new format called Essential.

The third computer gave an error saying that it was switched to Standard Edition after we successfully registered the version.


This applies to the IP address that starts with 76.21


On the following license

Please advise on how to return to the Essential Version that has been paid for and was working previously.

Thank you.

Hi @Jay_Liddell,

Basically one account cannot use more than 2 plans at the same time.
We recommend purchasing more license of the Professional or Essential after cancelling another subscription. If you want to process it, please send email to

I have sent an email to support requesting our essential license be upgraded to a professional license.

Now, you can upgrade the Professional licenses. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was not aware that I was restricted to the old license registration regime when I bought an Essential license, and obviously it’s not an issue if I can get three licensed versions online and working.

As requested, my Essential license has been cancelled and my credit card has been credited. I’ve also upgraded my Professional license to have three seats and in the morning I will try to activate the new license.

Thank you.

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