Dropbox update storage changes

The update storage changes does not appear to be working with Dropbox.
In a scenario where I haveuploaded files to a folder externally via rclone or directly on dropbox website. When I browse to that same folder using the mounted drive on RaiDrive it does not show the newly updated files. It will only appear if I disconnect on RaiDrive then reconnect.

I’ve tried enabling the update storage changes asynchronously and it does not update. Refreshing the folder on file explorer does not update. Unchecking it and refreshing the folder on file explorer does not update. It only seems to get a fresh list of files when you disconnect and re-connect.

db problem

I did further testing and found the following conditions when you interact with the files external of RaiDrive:

  1. Creating a new folder will sometimes update on RaiDrive. Seems to be incosistant.
  2. Adding new files will update on RaiDrive.
  3. Renaming a folder does not update RaiDrive.
  4. Renaming a file will update RaiDrive.
  5. Deleting folder does not update RaiDrive.
  6. Deleting file does not update RaiDrive.

Hi~ @Philip_Ma ,

We’ve sent you a new patch in the mail that fixes the issue you mentioned, please check it out and let us know your results.

The patch seems to have fixed it.