Don't start in Windows 11

Hi, I’m french and my english is not perfect, sorry…

The installation of raidrive 2021-12-31 is going well in windows 11 but the program don’t start when i want to execute it.

I don’t have error message.

Can you help me ?

Hi~ @Pascal_Guerin ,

Two pieces of information are needed to accurately confirm the issue you are talking about.

  1. Log files (C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log)
  2. Event Viewer Error List

If you send us two pieces of information by e-mail(, we will get back to you after checking.

How to check event viewer

  1. Search for 'Event Viewer ’ in search in the start menu


  1. Go to Windows Logs - Applications on the left tab and click the item marked as an error to check if it is a RaiDrive related error


  1. If the error is related to RaiDrive, right-click and Copy - Copy Details as Text, organize it in Notepad or Word, and send it.