Does Raidrive lock DWG file from edit?

Hi everybody,

I am using Raidrive for my company. I have 2 offices.
The main office, users connect to my NAS via SMB.
The second office, users using Raidrive connect to my NAS via WebDAV.
In my test, when user at the main office opens the specific DWG file, and user at the secon office open that file, there is no warning on Lock file.

So, If I use File Lock feature, Do I have to deploy Raidrive for user at the main office and second office? Is there any different in speed if I use Professional version in comparing with Free?

Thank you,
Học Nguyễn

Hi~ @hoc.nguyen ,

In general, NAS does not support mutual lock between SMB and WebDAV.
All clients must use SMB or all clients must use WebDAV.
For RaiDrive, you must check the LOCK option in the drive settings.
We don’t know about the operation status of the DWG file, but LOCK will work while the file is open in write mode. But when I simply open it in read mode, it doesn’t lock.

Please let us know if you have any other issues.