Disk is read-only after purchasing a pro account

Hello, I paid for a pro account in the hope that I could uncheck the “read-only” box.
However, that checkbox has not gone anywhere and I still can’t change files on my cloud drive.
I really like your software, it has been very useful indeed!


Thanks a lot for your subscription.
Please check if you have a proper addon for your storage.

I see there’s some kind of disk burner addon.
But I don’t quite understand, do I need to buy a separate addon for Yandex disk?
But I thought that buying a subscription would be enough…

I paid for a month’s subscription to see how all my cloud disks would work.But now I don’t understand how I can buy the addon separately?

I think I figured out what’s wrong. Since I’m a new user I was given a 7 day free period. After that there will be a payment with my Yandex addon.
I don’t need the free 7 day version,disable it because it makes my cloud disk recording not work.Thank you.

If you need to unsubscribe, please press the button Unsubscribe at the next billing date at the Subscription page.

No, I don’t want to unsubscribe, I want to skip the 7 day trial because the trial prevents me from installing the Yandex Disk addon.

You can add any addon regardless of the trial period. Please press the Change button.

I think I got it! Thank you.
One last question I’m curious about,
I need my files to be stored on my hard drive and updated in the cloud. My 3d models weigh a lot and the internet doesn’t handle it very well, but for security reasons I would like to do it this way.

RaiDrive does not support synchronization.
But we will consider something like this feature in the future version.

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