Disabling/limit cache as much as possible


is there a way to completely disable cache for SFTP? I tried setting both the read and write life time cache to “00:00:00”, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Can this be done?

Thanks for info :slight_smile:

Hi~ @Pavel_Linhart ,

RaiDrive must have a cache.
Please set the LifeTime of Temporary appropriately.

If you frequently upload very large files and can connect to them via WebDAV, you may want to take advantage of the
Quick Copy/Move/Delete option (a feature of the Professional Edition).
The Quick Copy/Move/Delete option does not use cache when uploading, but creates cache when the file is opened.

The problem is not with uploading/modifying files via RaiDrive from the computer, it is with files being changed on the server by someone/something else and those changes not quickly enough propagating back - there may be some time before RaiDrive “sees” those changes.

For sshfs the option would be “cache_timeout=0”, which is kinda fine on fast low latency connections :slight_smile:

Hi~ @Pavel_Linhart ,

In the case of SFTP, RaiDrive retrieves and processes a new list remotely at least every 3 seconds when requesting a folder list.

If there is no request, updates are performed on the currently open folder at appropriate intervals (from 15 seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes depending on the situation). (when ‘Update storage changes asynchronously’ option is selected)

If you are using Explorer, you can press F5 on a folder to refresh it, or you can refresh the list when entering a folder. Try doing this at 3-second intervals.

If you use a separate app, you will be able to get an updated list if you get the folder list at an appropriate interval of 3 seconds or more.

This is the interval between the update of the list and the next request, so more time may be required depending on the server’s response speed or network conditions.

The ability to update folders in real time has already been reviewed.
Due to the nature of the virtual file system, it was concluded that it is not supported because it can cause serious failure on the PC and remote server if an abnormal app requests a very frequent folder list.

Also, avoid using apps that request a list of all the folders on your drive, as they slow down the response and put a strain on the remote server.

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