Direitos de acesso

Não estou encontrando como inserir direitos de acesso nas pastas do Google Drive.

É possível fazer ou não?

Hi~ @suporte,

Honestly, we don’t understand what you mean.
Could you describe more with screenshot?

Okay, I’ll change the question.

I want to share the Google Drive folder with others

I have a PRO subscription.

How do I get someone else to receive the shared folder?

I tried to install it on her computer and it only works if I log in with my credential, hers is useless.

Can you help?

Thanks a lot for your detailed description. :smiley:

To share a folder with other PC on the local network,

  1. Check Local Disk and choose Public option
  2. Execute File Explorer and go to the parent folder of the folder which you want to share
  3. On the folder click right button of a mouse and then click the Properties menu
  4. Click the Sharing tab and click Share... button
  5. After applying properties, others can access your shared folder on the local network