Difference between Local and Network Drives


The only thing I know is that local drive can be further shared among our own local LAN network. Other than that, is there any difference:
For instance,

  1. speed, which is better?
  2. I notice, there are public and private.
    2.1) For network drive, what would be the difference between those?
    2.2) For local drive, what would be the difference?

Basically, in 4 cases,

  1. Network drive with Public setting
  2. Network drive with Private setting
  3. Local drive with Public setting
  4. Local drive with Private setting

what are the pros and cons, what can do and cannot do?

Sorry for simple questions.

Thank you in advance for explanation.

Hi~ @Sarun, :smiley:

The operation of Local Disk and Network Drive follow the operation of Windows.

Some applications support only one of them and especially Dropbox works fine in the Network Drive.
Basically the performance(speed) is not controlled in the both of them by RaiDrive.

The following is how to use Local Disk with Public(A, B) with Windows’ own network drive(CIFS).

Public means other accounts can access a drive while Private cannot.

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Hi @RaiDrive

Thank you for the explanation. m(._.)m