Date and time when files were created in the cloud and


When creating a folder in the cloud the folder is created with the date 01.01.1970 and the time 4: 00
, not with the current date and time.
When copying / moving files to the cloud and files in the cloud are created with the CURRENT time and date, and not with the one that the original file has

Is it possible to fix these problems in the above-mentioned clouds?

RaiDrive version 2020.6.88, in subsequent versions of the program the same problem

Hi~ @Sergey_Ivanov , does not support the modified date of a folder. Also, when uploading to Yandex Disk and, the modified date is changed to the uploaded time (check by accessing the web).
We would appreciate if you can check if the issue that the modified date on is displayed as 1970.01.01 also occurs in the latest version(2020.11.58) and tell us the result.