[CRITICAL BUG REPORT] Windows Blue Screen Error and Forced Restart Issue When Attempting to Connect a Drive after Creating a Dev Drive on Windows 11


Windows Specifications

Edition Windows 11 Enterprise
Version 22H2
OS build 22621.2361
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22674.1000.0


  • Standard Edition
  • 2023.9.5

Steps to Reproduce the Bug

  1. Create a Dev Drive on Windows. Refer to this.
  2. Reboot
  3. Open Raidrive and connect a drive

Expected Result

Raidrive functions normally.

Actual Result

Windows Blue Screen Error, Windows system crash and forced restart
Blue Screen Error Info as follow

  • What failed: cbfs6.sys

Visual Proof

Bug Severity

  • Severity: Critical
  • Priority: High

What I know

  • I only tested it by connecting to a Webdav drive. I don’t know whether bug exists when connecting to other types of drive
  • The bug applies to whether a VHD based Dev Drive or the normal Dev Drive
  • Raidrive works normally after deleting the Dev Drive
  • I have tested it 3 times and it happens every time. Rate of reproduction: 100%

Raidrive is a great app, and recently I’ve been suffering from this bug. Hopefully you could fix this bug ASAP. Thank you.


Hi~ @Ethan ,

We’ll get back to you after we analyze it internally.

Keeping alive…
Keeping alive…
Keeping alive…

Hi~ @Ethan,

Thanks a lot for your report and waiting.
This blue screen issue is caused by cbfs6.sys, which is an old-style drive.
We’re working on resolving it and will announce an official preview within this year.

Also, we will let you know ASAP.

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Can confirm, I too got the same issue while using Raidrive when DevDrive is mounted. At first, I thought it was AMD CPU-related issues. Then after seeing this post, I can confirm. Tried mounting onedrive business drive with BSOD failure.
On the first try, it was taking forever to load after auth, next time after I restarted, after authorizing again, I got the same BSOD message as above.

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