Content of "Shared with me" folder not updating

I have a folder shared with me, the author of that folder add files to it daily.
The new files can be seen in the Google Drive Dashboard “Shared with me” section.

But the new file cannot be seen in the “Shared with me” drive that I setup using RaiDrive.

I tried Refreshing etc

So I then Went to google dashboard shared with me section and then removed the folder there, waited for the folder to get removed from Raidrive Disk and then revisited the shared link and then finally I could see the updated file in the Raidrive Disk.

How do I fix this issue, I want the Raidrive disk to automatically update itself instead f going thorough all this mess ???

Hi~ @Alex,

This seems the issue related to RaiDrive version 1.8.0 had.
If so, could you upgrade to version 2020.2.12?


I checked the version of RaiDrive and I am using the latest verion 2020.2.12

Disconnecting and reconnecting the Drive in RaiDrive Dashboard made the new file appear in the Shared with me section, but having to do this each time is not the best option.

Will this be fixed in the next version ?

Could you send log files (C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) when it happened?
In our lab it could not be reproduced.
If we find out what the reason is, it will be fixed ASAP.

Your log said that when RaiDrive retrieves the change from the remote, Google responses “Internal Error”. In this case unfortunately only Google knows why this happens. :cry:

    "error": {
        "errors": [
                "domain": "global",
                "reason": "internalError",
                "message": "Internal Error"
        "code": 500,
        "message": "Internal Error"

// from 9772, 9773, 9786 line in service.log.2

but since you couldn’t reproduce the error in your lab, could it be due to something unusual in the shared link ?

Even though the feature works fine in A, but in B it does not works because it’s relative to so many personal environments.

Could you restart RaiDrive service and then try again?

I am running RaiDrive in aws RDP

after restarting the RaiDrive files are updated, but again there is no update in Raidrive once the author updates the shared link with new files

So in order to get updated files in RaiDrive I have to Stop the Drive from raidrive dashboard and start again.

I have PM’d you the Google Shared Link.

Thanks a lot for your support. :+1:
We will monitor what happens with your shared link.

Hi~ @Alex,

Finally we’ve reproduced this issue in our lab, :smiley: and will research the reason why this happens.


I am keen to know the reason or fix or update on this issue

It was fixed in the version 2020.6.25.

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