Connection in same Network works, but not at home

Hello all,

I have RaiDrive installed on my laptop (Win 10) and connecting to a SFTP works fine as long as I am on the same network. But when I try it in homeoffice, I get an error that the server gave a wrong answer. For sure i did not change the Passwort / Username et cetera.

I honestly don’t know where to start looking for the error, or what information you guys need from me so you can get a better picture of my error. I hope that maybe someone has an idea anyway. Please ask me for the data you need!

Many thanks in advance!

Greetings from Germany,


Hi~ @mkellermann ,

If it works fine in the same network but not in another network, it is usually a issue with the port forwarding setting of the router.
Please check the port forwarding setting of your router device.
If the issue persists, please e-mail( the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log).

Thank you for your reply. I do not have a folder or file named log. :-/

Hi~ @mkellermann ,

The location of the log file is “C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log”.

  • How to access the ProgramData folder.

After moving to Local Disk (C:), if you check Hidden items in the View menu at the top of the explorer, the ProgramData folder is displayed.