Connect Dropbox and Folder on Server

Hi All :wave:
We would like to feed graphics into WordPress via Dropbox. One can’t do this directly though – all images first have to get upladed to some folder within the WordPress installation. From here one can automatically pick up all new images and register them to the WordPress database.

Right now I can browse Dropbox with RaiDrive and I can manage a Server folder with Raidrive :heavy_check_mark:
I wonder if one could also use / extend RAI Drive to establish a synced connection between the Dropbox Media directory and our WordPress Server Folder.

RAI drive could either pick up the Dropbox installation on local disk or access the Dropbox Cloud version of the same content. Is this doable or is this outside of the scope or RaiDrive?

Hi~ @HuS ,

RaiDrive does not support synchronization.
And the folder synced by the Dropbox installer, or the Dropbox cloud, was selected by RaiDrive and could not be connected.

Thank you for your answer! We’ll check out other options for syncing then.