Confirmation email problem

we have +10 raidrive accounts in our company and since yesterday i can’t register a new member. We never receive the confirmation email, i tried several time to resend the confirmation email but we don’t receive it, it’s not in the spam, we checked everything.
So i decided to use a disposable e-mail on the Internet, and this time the confirmation email is received, but that’s not a good solution for me. i’d like to register the member with his company email.

Can you help me please, i can’t post the email here to avoid receiving spams, but the domain of my company is
i just received an invoice yesterday so we are receiving your emails…
What’s going on ?

Hi~ @JAL,

It seems to find a bounded email address.

550 5.1.1 <j********>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in relay recipient table

According to this message, you need to verify if a valid address.

Thank you very much for your fast answer.
I check this

I checked our Antispam server (MailinBlack) and your domain is explicitly whitelisted, by the way i receive your mails from

i checked my mail server ( and of course the email existe, there is no typo. I can send and receive email from Gmail with this email

Could you delete the account please, i will create it again ?

We cannot remove the user’s account by ourselves. It’s possible only by email owner.
Could you ask the email owner to request to remove an account to

yes i do it immediatly, i’m the IT of the company so i can access and use this email.

done, please let me know.

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