Choose folder to sync from

I am using my RaiDrive as a media storage to my Plex server, and I recently added a second Onedrive account that belongs to a friend of mine that i share my server too. It would be nice in terms of privacy if I could choose just the media folder in his Onedrive, not gaining access of all of his files stored there.

Is there any plans to implement this function?
I’m a free user for now, but if this function is added only for pro users I would totally pay for it.



OneDrive Shared Link, a standard feature of the Professional Edition, lets you connect directly to your media folders.

  1. Connect to OneDrive through a browser and copy the URL of the folder you want to connect directly

  2. After logging in to the account that has subscribed to the Professional Edition in RaiDrive, select OneDrive, select Shared Link from the options below, enter the copied URL in the box below, and click the OK button.

  3. When OneDrive sign-in is complete, you will be connected directly to the folder you want.