Can't Upload Large Files via WebDAV (Error 413)

I am using the trial version of RaiDrive - I’m super impressed with it’s functionalities and it has worked well with my Windows 11 link to our Windows 19 server.

I can open and edit files from Windows Explorer as well as save files through your external WebDAV connection.


I can also download files of 600mb or more, but I can’t upload a file bigger than 40mb, I get a 413 error.

Smaller files upload without a problem so that means that it’s not a firewall issue on my end, so, I’m asking, it is a trail version restriction or is it some other restriction?

I want to buy your software for a number of clients, but I cannot do so if I cannot copy 300mb files from my local machine to our WebDAV server through RaiDrive.



Hi~ @Jay_Liddell,

Some kind of WebDAV server has upload limitation.
Could you share what WebDAV server is? (Synology, Nextcloud or nginx)

Thank you for your response, sure, it is IIS (Internet Information Services) on a Windows 2019 Server.

Please note I can copy large files from the server to my local computer, but I cannot upload large files. Smaller files (less than 30Mb) upload fine.


For IIS, you can refer to the following information.

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Thank you, this solved the problem.

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