Can't delete files if it is own by somebody else on GoogleDrive

Hi there,

I’m new in town. We’re using RaiDrive to access through Netword Drive to a shared folder. There are like 10 users accesing the same big shared folder using RaiDrive on their Windows 10. Now we realized we can’t delete files that belong for somebody else. If I upload the file, I can delete it, no problem there. But if I want to delete a file that was upload for a colleague, that mean he owns it, the following error popup:

“You require permission from S-1-1-0 to make changes to this file”

I checked and the configuration of the my drive is not as “Read-only”. I can actually overwrite or edit the files but I just can’t delete them if I’m not the owner.

So far I tried the “RaiDrive quick delete” option and disable “ReadOnly” on the Windows properties dialog. I don’t know why that option is like enabled for the files on the folder.

I do have editor permission on the GoogleDrive shared repository. I can actually delete the file if I access to GoogleDrive directly.

PLease your help or comments.


Hi~ @darkneiji,

In Google Drive Shared with me, the Editor permission only has edit permission, no delete permission. Therefore, it is not possible to delete a file whose owner is another person, and what appears to be deleteable on the web is not a complete deletion of the file, but a function to remove it invisibly from your own drive.