Can't connect to WebDav through phone hotspot

I have set up RaiDrive to connect to my Synology DS216 via WebDav. When I connect to the mapped drive over my home Wi-Fi, it works fine. When I try to connect over Wi-Fi outside of the home, or over my Verizon phone hotspot, I get the following error:


I left out my server address and port in the screenshot for obvious reasons. I have tried deleting the drive and using different setups (WebDav, Synology, different drive letters, etc). It works either way on home Wi-Fi, but apparently not externally via hotspot or other Wi-fi. I can access other websites and surf just fine, so it doesn’t appear to be a bandwidth or connection issue. I’m at a loss.

Hi~ @Thomas_Bottoms ,

The issue you mentioned seems to be a port forwarding issue.
Configure port forwarding in the router,
When connecting the drive, enter the router’s external IP and port forwarding port address to connect normally.

Thanks, RaiDrive. But I already had port forwarding set up for port 5006 as instructed by the tutorial. Any other ideas? I don’t have it set up for port 5005, but I am using the https address, so I shouldn’t need to, correct? Port 5005 is for http, right?

RaiDrive, I just noticed you said enter the router’s external IP… I thought I was supposed to enter the Synology NAS static IP. Which one is it?

Hi~ @Thomas_Bottoms ,

Synology’s WebDAV port 5006 uses https, and 5005 uses http.
So, if you mapped 5006 to 5005 in Port Forwarding, you should use https.
When using port forwarding, the address must use the router’s IP.
Alternatively, you can use the DDNS name set by Synology.

Thank you. I’ll give this another try this evening and see what happens.