Cannot use when i updated

This screen is displayed when the application is opened.

Hi~ @111173,

Could you try setting to None in Proxy?

Thanks you! This setting is fix my problem

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I faced a problem with proxy as well. Instead of creating a new thread I am writing here. I am using proxy server in my office to connect 2 SFTP server that are located at my home. When I work from my home, no need to use proxy since my laptop and SFTP servers are in the same network. However, when I came from office to my home, the RaiDrive still tries to connect to the proxy server that does not exist in the home network. The program stucks in this screen does not let me to change any settings. As you see the all buttons are also disabled.

service.log (3.9 KB) center.log (171 Bytes)

Hi~ @luzumsuzislerbunlar,

Please press “Settings” button, and then select “None” in the Proxy.