Cannot login to MEGA


as a new user I’m interested in using the MEGA connection, however I’m unable to connect to mega as I only get the following error

  • Code: ErrorRemoteDriveAuth (ErrorRemoveDriveAuth)
  • Reason: Invalid userid or password

I can login to the mega website with my credentials. I found no existing forum-posts for this particular instance, besides Mega Login Issue, always said "Error Remote Server" which seems to be unsolved and the reason is a different one.

Hi~ @matthi.d ,

The attached log file has been redacted for security purposes.

Your login error is “Resource does not exist”.

This error occurs when the email or password is incorrect.
In your case, it appears to be an incorrect password, as we can get the version of your account from your email.

However, it’s also possible that the error is caused by a problem on our end.
Since your account version is 1, we can’t determine if there are any other errors.
This is because the current version of accounts we can create is 2, and we can’t create accounts with version 1.

If you can, please provide us with your account so we can test it, but otherwise, it seems difficult to find the cause.

Please download the new version from the link below and test it out, and if you see the same results, please email( with your findings.

If you are able to provide us with your account, it would be very helpful if you could include it when you let us know your results.

Ok thanks! I followed up on this by mail.