Can not remove Ads

I have subscribed to Start for three years and want to be free of ads. But even if I reinstall version 9.55, there will still be ads. How can I remove Ads?

Hi @oliver_chen,

Thanks a lot for your subscription.
You have two subscriptions and have to set the Active one to the default at the following link.

I have successfully registered on the web but my account on my computer is still Standard Edition.
How to activate on my computer?

Hi @Quay_da,

Could you try to sign into the RaiDrive application?

I subscribed to RaiDrive Professional Edition last May 2023 for three years and I want it to be free of ads. Actually Using Version 2023.9.90 x64 on recently installed Windows 11 but still with ads. I own only one suscription. How to remove Ads?


Could you sign out and sign again into the RaiDrive application?

Ok it worked at last. I still use my old Windows 10 and believe my registration continues valid for the old computer, is it true?

RaiDrive supports Windows 10. :slightly_smiling_face: