Cache still keep unncessary chunk data problem for large files or video files

I did a few project that related to working with large files constantly and had a few problems with cache’s lifetime, for example:

  • Working with a large file constantly make the cache grows bigger and bigger when it read random, the usual chunk data is still there but few times chunk data (chunk data that only get accessed a few times) is still there too, that makes unnecessary chunk data remains as long as the file keep get accessed and the result is bigger cache.
  • For video, its the same, watch a video file that has 2 hours and cache for that file keep growing until = total size of file after finish watch that video, its really take too many spaces on the drives with multiple parallel read threads.

Hope you can implement cache’s lifetime to file’s chunk data as well because it’s really important to me. I would even pay more to get this done as soon as possible since i know this is really complex if implement lifetime’s cache to chunk data.

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Up, hope this issue get noticed.

Hi~ @Potato,

Thanks a lot for your understanding and advice.
The caching algorithm almost is difficult and complex.
We will consider this issue with your points.

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Thanks RaiDrive, i hope this can be resolved if possible since i always use RaiDrive to work with some projects that use large files and always access to them like 24/7 so you know, its hard to keep free spaces with that constant working except stop project for a few minutes so RaiDrive can delete the cache later.
Please tell me if you can find a resolution for this.