Business version: Please change the way that google shared drive is copied to other google shared drive

I have 9 shared drives in a google drive account. I hope I upload my file then raidrive can make my upload file copy to other drives. not just one file that needs to upload several shared drives. My English is not very good, I hope it won’t inconvenience you too much.

Hi~ @drive45251880,

If you want to copy a single file to many drives automatically, it is the feature of a synchronization tool like GoodSync. RaiDrive has no plan for this yet. :cry:

If we misunderstand, please let us know.

If you are on Windows, use free tool SyncToy

and schedule it as per your need

None of you seem to understand what this person is asking. Google Drive has a copy command in the API that allows if to make a duplicate of a file in a different drive. Using Raidrive as it is, if I want to copy a file from my X:\TeamDriveA folder to my X:\TeamDriveB folder, Raidrive downloads the file from TeamDriveA to my local machine and then uploads it to TeamDriveB. Using the Google API, you can just tell it to take the file in TeamDriveA and duplicate it in TeamDriveB. This takes maybe 3 seconds and I’m not even sure if file size is even a factor in how long it takes, since I’m sure the way Google’s storage algorithm’s work, the data is still only stored on the server once, but now with 2 different pointers to it.

This is the call that the Google Drive UI uses when you use the “Make a Copy” option on a file.

In this person’s case, it seems like they’d want to upload the file to TeamDriveA and then their sync software would copy that to the other 8 drives. If that file was, say, 2 GB, that would be 18 GB of data needing to upload. Using the API copy method, they would only need to upload 2 GB.

Though this may be a small enough use case that it’d be better to use software specifically built to sync multiple Google Drive folders than Raidrive and a standard sync software.

@Kaylakaze actually what you mentioned already works well in Raidrive. I just tried copying a 1GB file from Shared Drive A to Shared Drive B. It took about 10 seconds and there wasn’t any downloading and reuploading. It’s purely between google’s API. You can try it out yourself, provided that the shared drives are within the same google account set up.

I think the OP’s request is that when you upload a file, it automatically make a copy to the other shared drives autonomously (not when you manually copy from a shared drive), which of course doesn’t work and will be difficult to implement.

@Jia_Tern_Tam I just tried that and it didn’t work that way for me. It doesn’t even work that way when copying from one folder to another folder in the same drive.

@Kaylakaze are you on free plan or professional? I subscribed professional, mounted as local drive ($0.50 extra per month) and enabled he “copy/paste performance extension”. I am not sure whether it is enabled by the local drive mount (vs network mount) or extension, but both needs the pro license. Probably that’s why

@Jia_Tern_Tam Oh, well, there you go. I’m on free and have never heard of a “copy/paste performance extension”. I see it at the bottom of the feature list now that you mention it, nothing describing what it does. However, that doesn’t say it’s GDrive only, so that makes me think it may use an external, high speed system to download from one system to another. There are no details, so I don’t know.

I’ve written my own set of tools for copying from one team drive to another. They’re not the best though because I have to manually look up the file and folder IDs. It’d be nice if I could get that info from Raidrive.

@Kaylakaze Then I have a good news for you. Have you tried this app called AirExplorer? The free version only allow you to add one Google Drive account but as long as the Shared Drives are in the same account, you can copy paste across shared drives without downloading. I basically use Raidrive for streaming my content while AirExplorer is better used for managing files, copy, paste, uploading etc. Give it a try.

@Jia_Tern_Tam Thanks for the heads up! I’m checking it out now.

Edit: This program is fantastic. Thanks! I may end up buying the lifetime license.

@Kaylakaze yes I recently got myself a lifetime license as well. It’s very responsive since it doesn’t run on windows Explorer.exe. Very useful for copy pasting between shared drives and main account. when downloading/uploading, I can also limit the number of concurrent transfers, useful when dealing with many small files. Raidrive is good for streaming files off it but I prefer Airdrive for managing them.