[BLOCKER] [BUG] Global system halt when access a locked file


  1. Download and set up the latest release of Win32-Openssh:
    You have to configure it to authorize with a private key or password.
  2. Connect to the server mounting a virtual drive
  3. Navigate to home folder of current user, try to copy registry file which is locked by the system:

    On this stage you face a global system halt or halt of current explorer window. File access errors are not handled correctly by RaiDrive.

When download the locked with with FileZilla, I just receive a message on failed download, download queue processing is continued correctly

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Hi~ @igor-nikolaychuk,

Thanks a lot for the detail issue report. :+1:

This issue is caused by handling operation-failure.
Basically RaiDrive tries to recover a failure several times with an exponential period.
But in this case, we think that it’s not proper recovery action as you reported.

We’ve fixed this issue and will release it in the next version soon. :smiley: