Big Big problem with Nextcloud!

We used to use RaiDrive to access files on nextcloud trough drive Letter (eg. Z:). We have updated from 18.0.5 to 19.0.0 and problems occures. All files copied via connected disk drive are 0 size. The 0 appears although in webinterface. :frowning:
Using the nextcloud native client no problem occurs.

Please help! :slight_smile:

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Exact same problem, here. Nextcloud 19.0.0 updated from 18.0.5

Hi~ @Zbyszek_Rybarczyk, @filmdesign,

It seems the issue of nextcloud.

You could test with the latest like the following step.

$ sudo snap remove nextcloud
$ sudo snap install nextcloud --channel=19/edge

You could be right, this may be a bug in nextcloud. But on the other hand my Android WebDAV Client (Solid Explorer) has no problem with it. So maybe it’s more a chicken-and-egg question.

I will try to upgrade to the beta branch tomorrow on the test installation, we’ll see if it helps. I have now noticed that it works stable as a Nextcloud 19 client - expandrive, maps drives without losing anything … I am considering a change.

yesterday on the test server I updated the Nextcloud to the daily version - and it looks like the problem has been solved.
Today I will test it as soon as I open my eyes wider :slight_smile: